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Roswell Tai Chi students at an outdoor classABOUT US
Roswell Tai Chi classes are small and personalized. The core curriculum focuses primarily on the Yang Style 60 movement form created by 
Grandmaster William CC Chen.

The 60 movement William CC Chen Yang style form is more compact and less strenuous than other styles and forms due to its emphasis on practical self-defense, energy cultivation, relaxing the body and quieting the mind.

Brian Sutton, Roswell Tai Chi view from Tai Chi studio BWhile two beautiful studios within        The Heron House are our home, 
when weather allows, we occasionally offer classes in the garden with its tranquil view of the lake. 

Open air practice of Tai Chi is in in keeping with the tradition of how Tai Chi was originally taught. The practice of Tai Chi outdoors enhances the overall rewards of the art. In addition to Tai Chi students learn Qi Gong and various exercises to further the benefits of the practice.

Roswell Tai Chi Classes
Tai Chi/Qi Gong wellness classes in Roswellat The Heron House Studio
  • Tai Chi classes: Yang style 60 movement form for beginners, intermediates  & advanced students
  • Guang Ping 64 Form for advanced students
  • Sword, cane & push hands training for advanced students
  • Corporate Classes offered onsite
  • Listener Lunch Events
  • Host/Teach Group Classes-Designed for groups 

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Classes are taught by Brian Sutton who has over twenty years experience in martial arts, meditation and related fields. 

Please feel free to contact us at 678-521-9855

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