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"I discovered Roswell Tai Chi many years ago when my initial interest was piqued, but life is noisy so I forgot about it for about another year, before stumbling across the website yet again.  I believe that when my spirit speaks, it will continue to speak until I acknowledge it's presence in my life.   I began with QiGong and within a few short weeks, noticed I was yawning a lot more and became aware that I was beginning to have a more complete, deep inhalation, something that I struggled with for a while before beginning practice.  A little more than a year after beginning QiGong practice, I started Tai Chi and immediately noticed the correlation with QiGong.  Brian's style of teaching nods to the health, meditative and martial aspects, and always presented in an informative nature.  I truly enjoy the thoughtful awareness Brian brings to the studio each and every time.  One word in particular strikes a chord with me personally, and that word is, "allow".  Being reminded that we can choose not to struggle and simply allow things to be as they are, we are offered an invitation to experience our world a bit differently, and for that very reason among others, I'm truly grateful to have found a welcome place within Roswell Tai Chi."

Will M.

I was referred to Brian Sutton of Roswell Tai Chi by an Orthopedic surgeon who told me Brian has helped him recover from a tennis injury. I had torn some of the muscles that form the Rotator Cuff and the pain in my shoulder made it difficult to sleep or lift anything over 20 pounds.

My work with Brian Sutton has accelerated my recovery, increased muscle strength and greatly improved my flexibility. 

Brian, thanks for your patience, knowledge and time.

-Perry T.
Canton. GA

I had an accident four years ago and my orthopedist wanted to do surgery on my knee.  I wasn't keen about having surgery so he referred me to Brian Sutton at Roswell Tai Chi. It was comforting to go to a Tai Chi instructor who had helped my own doctor rehab after having a similar injury. 

Tai Chi worked for me and I am so thrilled to have reduced my pain and have an exercise that has improved my joints.

-Martin C.
Milton, Georgia

After researching several schools in the Atlanta area I found Brian at 
Roswell Tai Chi.  I have been a Triathlete for over 6 years and was in the need of a program to improve my endurance, breathing and flexibility. 

Thanks Brian for helping me train and improve my body mechanics.

-Kent M.

After several months of painful physical therapy, steroid shots, ice, heat, massage...etc. I finished physical therapy with my knee still slightly dislocated from severe bone inflammation due to arthritis with a diagnosis of candidate for a knee replacement.  I was given a list of everything I can't do which was pretty much everything.  

After a little pity party I decided to focus on what I "can" do and after tons of research found my way to Tai Chi and Brian's school Roswell Tai Chi. I hoped that with good instruction this would be my plan "B" to knee replacement and it has turned out to be that and so much more!

Brian's patience and passion for this internal martial art has me hooked! I practice both Tai Chi and Qigong just about every day and look forward to both his private and group classes every week. He has a gift for teaching and is generous with his knowledge of the history.  His sense of humor helps keep it light. 

After the first 2 months I was able to take the knee brace off and now in less that a year I am able to take the long walks that I was told I could never do again.  I can even run! I'd rather walk but it is nice to know that I can do it all pain free. My knee is no longer dislocated and I am off the knee replacement list and plan to keep it that way.

I am enjoying every second of my Tai Chi/ Qigong journey and plan on doing so for the next 50 plus years!

Thank you Brian!

-Josie B.
Marietta, Georgia

"I am a professional athlete and have been advised by my coach and trainer to add ballet classes or Tai Chi to my regime to help improve my flexibility & agility. To be honest, I couldn't picture myself in tights so I opted for the Tai Chi. Studying with Brian Sutton has helped me improve my game and my life".

-Matt R.

"Thank you Brian, it has been over six months since I started 
Tai Chi lessons. I wanted to write and say thanks for the help. I came to Roswell Tai Chi as my balance was getting worse and worse with age and I was falling a lot. I am happy to report that I have not fallen in over three months. I credit the lessons in Tai Chi with this improvement. The lessons helped me learn to coordinate my mind and body to move consciously. 

I walk at least five miles every day and Tai Chi and the improvement in balance have helped me to continue the routine.

When I started Tai Chi, I had just left a high pressure corporate position. Taking the lessons has helped me to make the transition from the corporate world to retirement. I have learned to appreciate a less hurried lifestyle. 

Thanks so much for your help."
-Beth L.

"I can't say enough about my experience taking Tai Chi from Brian.  He's been very patient and encouraging with me. I usually don't stick with anything very long and I'm coming up on my 2nd year anniversary taking the class! I have also been pleasantly surprised by all the health benefits and stress relief from taking Tai Chi."
-Mary Sue H. JD, Vice President
"I have been doing T'ai Chi with Brian for several months, going 2-3 times a week and I feel very fortunate to have found such a great teacher. I have learned many good things from Brian that even go beyond the scope of T'ai Chi. But if you are looking for the real T'ai Chi, Brian is your man x 20.
-Dean M.
 Alpharetta, Georgia
"Brian is an amazing teacher. The depth of his understanding of Tai Chi and related areas was obvious after just a short time together – not just the form, but the history, anatomy and physiology, martial applications and so much more. He has incredible instincts and seems to know what I will best respond to instead of forcing a rigid “one size fits all” approach. He makes learning easy and enjoyable. I came to him primarily for the relaxation and health benefits of the form, but having had some martial arts training in the past look forward to going down that road as well."
-Ed K.

" I took Brian's Street Safe Self Defense Workshop and what an empowering experience!  He used principles of Tai Chi to teach common sense ways to deflect an attacker and give me self confidence.  I have recommended his workshop to several friends and coworkers.  Its a must for anyone living in the city of Atlanta."
-Beverly V.
Johns Creek
"Learning Tai Chi from Brian is effortless. He teaches in a way that makes the steps of the form easy to understand. I've been working with him for over a year now and he has moved at my pace and reinforced each step patiently and with a smile. As Brian says, "After you learn Tai Chi, then you learn Tai Chi."  He moves you from just learning the steps, into understanding why and how those steps offer effective self protection, but more importantly, he makes you aware that your true strength isn't about the biggest muscles. True strength is about balance, being grounded and centered,setting your intention, being fully energized. Tai Chi offers all of those things. "
-Wanda C.
"I originally started Tai Chi because it was one of those exotics things that you just want to try. I have been an athlete and a competitive Ballroom dancer most my life, and thought I knew all there was to know about my body and it's mechanics. Within one hour Brian showed me, through Tai Chi, how little I truly knew about my center, balance, and flow of movement. I have trained with some of the top coaches in the world, and Brian has a beautiful and very rare combination of being a highly skilled practitioner, and a wonderful teacher with endless knowledge and passion for what he does. Tai Chi has helped me learn so many things about myself and my body that it has become so much more than just a hobby... It is an exhilarating lifetime spiritual, mental, and physical discovery."  
-Virginia C.

 "Since being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in the spring of 2003 I struggled with performing any type of physical activity.  Even something as simple as a leisurely stroll would leave me in a great amount of pain.
Earlier this year I read that the Arthritis Foundation recommends Tai Chi as a “natural answer to exercise for those with arthritis,” so when I saw that a local boutique was hosting a Tai Chi class one Saturday morning in their garden I decided to give it a try.  After one hour I was hooked.  I loved everything about Tai Chi: the ancient artistry, the fluidness and gracefulness, the meditative qualities and the physical and martial aspects.  But more than that I loved the instructor, Brian Sutton.  It was clear that Brian was a gifted instructor with a passion for sharing his knowledge.  Upon learning that Brian offered private instruction I immediately enrolled.  After only four classes I began to notice improvement in my joints.  On a whim I decided to go for a walk one day, and to my surprise I ended up walking four miles.  Even more surprising than that I experienced no joint pain the following day. 
onths later I am still loving my Tai Chi classes with Brian, and  I am still 
walking. . . pain free."
-Heather G.
Roswell, GA
Studying with Brian has afforded me a unique opportunity to learn at my own pace, he is well educated, compassionate and wise which are wonderful traits for teaching Tai Chi.  I have appreciated the way he mixes physical lessons with spiritual knowledge.  Not only have I learned more about the physical part of Tai Chi, I have learned meditation which has served me well in other areas of my life.
-Danielle M.
"I had taken Tai Chi classes in the past and  found that I have difficulty following and remembering motion.  Brian, has a lot of patience, skill and a wonderful sense of humor that has made it much, much easier to learn Tai Chi.  I highly recommend him to anyone that wants to learn this magnificent life-affirming exercise."
-Louise B.
Roswell, GA
"I am writing to let you know how much I enjoy your Tai Chi Chuan classes. Of course most people think of Tai Chi as either a martial art or a form of meditation. I can attest to it being both. In the short time that I have been in your class, I have come to realize the extraordinary power and grace of Tai Chi as both a martial art and meditation technique. Other benefits I have received include: Increased Energy; Greater Flexibility; A sense of Body Unity; and Weight Loss. Also, to my surprise, my body has become toned, even more so than when I used to lift weights.
Finally, I would like to say that your teaching method which incorporates instruction, practical application and real time before and after affects of a particular technique goes a long way in instilling confidence- knowing that I am in fact benefiting (physically, mentally, and spiritually) from this course."
-Kevin N.

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