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Moving Meditation

Tai Chi classes and workshopsWhat attracts a lot of people to Tai Chi is the promise and possibility of quieting the mind and the stress of their lives. I would like to share a principle of meditation that can be proven and practiced anywhere at anytime with or without the eyes closed and with or without any past experience of meditation.Ready?When you are aware, you are not thinking and when you are thinking, you are not aware.Let'ssay you walk up to a door,if you are thinking about all of the places you need to go and things you need to do ,you will have no awareness of passing through the door .

Moving Medication

The other evening I was working with someone who was in pain describing what sounded like sciatica. Having some knowledge of this issue, I suggested some Tai Chi,QI gong,and acupressure exercises that would be helpful.Half way through the evening, I shared a mental exercise that transferred the feeling of one half of the body to the other side of the body thus creating a model for the weaker side of how the body should feel without the pain.But by this time the pain had subsided to mild discomfort.

The Elsewhere Epidemic

Recently I have discussed an epidemic with several other business owners that have shared with me that they prefer to have an initial phone contact with the perspective client prior to meeting for the first time. The reason for this is subtle yet profound. The first reason is simply a matter of commitment,people are less inclined to commit while living in the land of "elsewhere". What is the land of Elsewhere?
Emails,Iphones,facebooks,tweets,viral videos,etc, are in the process of making human beings less real.

Sung Kwa Relaxed Hips

ChiGong Back Pain ReliefSung Kwa Relaxed Hips
The other day a student commented that another dimension of her Tai Chi training had opened up to her. Literally, her awareness of her hips and relationship to the ground had opened up. This happened while teaching her an exercise that harnesses the hydraulic force from the ground and proper foot placement to keep her knees safe. For knees to remain safe in any activity, the big toe and inner portion of the knee should always align vertically and face in the same direction.
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