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Your Instructor

Your Instructor

I am Brian Sutton, the owner/instructor/Sifu of Roswell Tai Chi.   In 2005, I established Roswell Tai Chi school as a way of sharing the numerous benefits and principles of this life enhancing practice.  I currently teach the Yang style 8 step form, Yang style 60 movement Tai Chi form, Guang Ping 64 form, push hands, Tai Chi  sword and cane forms as well as a variety of Qigong sets. 

Brian Sutton
Roswell Tai Chi Owner & instructor/Sifu

Students coming to Roswell Tai Chi have a variety of objectives.  Some seek to improve balance and physical fitness. Others seek empowerment through a self-defense program and many are looking to boost immunity while relieving stress.  Whatever your Tai Chi quest is, we would like to help you on your path.  We welcome beginning and experienced Tai Chi and Qigong students.

My Tai Chi journey began as a child observing a group of people practicing Tai Chi in a nearby park. This experience lead me to my first Tai Chi teacher; Grandmaster Y.K. Lee. He agreed to train me in the Guang Ping 64  (lost Yang form) tradition.  One of my more notable and recent teachers,  Grandmaster William CC Chen, is one of the world's foremost authorities of the art of Tai Chi. Grandmaster Chen  was one of the original students of the Great Grandmaster Cheng Man-Ch'ing.

William CC Chen

Roswell Tai Chi offers group, private and semi-private classes. Roswell Tai Chi also offers classes for small business/corporate wellness and special events in our studio, parks or at

your business. 

Our Studio

Our Studio

The Roswell Tai Chi school and studios are located at the Sweet Apple Marketplace within the township of Roswell, Georgia. Anchored by its gazebo, the cluster of shops and businesses are reminiscent of historic seaside villages the architect visited during his travels Our schools's studios are located in the spacious second floor loft space easily accessed by stairs and elevator.

Most Asked Questions

1. What should I bring to class?

A. No mats or extra equipment are needed for the practice of Tai Chi or Qigong. We suggest students wear comfortable loose fitting clothing with pants hemmed below the knee plus socks or light flexible soled shoes for indoor use.


2. What's the difference between Tai Chi and qigong?


A. Qigong (energy work) is a broad term covering a wide range of exercises both moving and static that serve the purpose of cultivating Qi (life energy) throughout the body. Qigong  movements and postures move laterally much like calisthenics. Tai Chi (T'ai Ji Quan) is one of the three main internal martial arts from China (Bagua Zhang and Hsing I Quan being the other two).

Tai Chi is performed in a sequential pattern of movements and postures called a form. The Tai Chi form progresses from beginning, middle to end, much like a dance routine...

3. Q. How do I know I've found the right Tai Chi sifu/teacher?

A. Traditionally, the lineage of one's teacher was the determining factor of one's knowledge of the art...  Some other considerations would include: does the teacher display the traits and characteristics that he/she instructs.  For example, the teacher tells you to relax, but is the teacher/sifu relaxed?

Also, look for a balance between explanation and application within the instruction you're receiving. Observe if the teacher is meeting the students where they are at regarding their current skill level. Notice if the teacher is equally instructing the guiding principles of Tai Chi and Qi Gong in addition to the choreography of the Tai Chi form and

Qigong sets.

Classes & Schedule


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Private Classes

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,

Friday & Saturday availability -

Private & semi-private in-person and virtual/Zoom Tai Chi, Qigong classes 

by appointment. Please write or call to schedule.

Group Classes

Thursdays  7:45 PM - 8:45 PM

All levels Tai Chi/Qigong group class. Both in-person and virtual/Zoom class. Beginners through experienced welcome. Please call/write to confirm you will be coming. 

Saturdays 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Qigong/Tai Chi in-person and virtual/Zoom class. Beginner to experienced students welcome. Please call/write to confirm an appointment.


Please call 678-521-9855, write or use the Contact Roswell Tai Chi page below for more information regarding classes.

Contact Us

Contact Us

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"Great experience with Brian. I have some neurological issues and working with Brian has greatly ( yes, greatly) improved my balance and agility. My golf game has improved as well.

Brian has a ton of patience and Tai Chi skills along with a sense of humor that makes his Tai Chi sessions quite enjoyable.

Unlike other instructors, he has adapted his training to my neurogical issues and that has encouraged me to continue working with him.

My wife takes lessons from Brian as well and is very pleased with his teaching approach and patience.

All around great experience!"

-Chris S.


"I enjoy working out, but I knew I needed something different to help me feel and move my energy differently. That was Qigong. I found at Roswell Qigong a great teacher named Brian. Brian teaches you how to breathe and the relevancy of the movements to promote health and wellbeing. I like how he incorporates these learning pauses. I also enjoy the other members, who are friendly and welcoming."

-Etta H.

"I began taking Tai Chi classes from Brian Sutton at Roswell Tai Chi due to my stability and balance issues due to 3 back surgeries. I began my lessons in August of 2020 (private lessons) and  I currently perform the Tai Chi movements against a wall with a goal of performing the same movements free standing ASAP. Brian is a very knowledge, patient and supportive instructor. As I am currently learning the basic movements I have begun doing multiple movements as of this writing. I can attest to the positive results I have gained since my lessons began. I have much more strength in my lower body; feel much more secure in both standing and walking; and seen significant improvement in my quick turns and balance. I highly recommend Tai Chi for anyone with stability, balance and lower leg strength issues. Key to my success is Brian's teaching methods, practicing with him no less than 2 days per week and performing the movements on a daily basis. Highly recommend Roswell Tai Chi."

-Trent L.


"We had a wonderful Tai Chi class for our corporate executives. Roswell Tai Chi came to our office and demonstrated practical ways to reduce stress while increases our focus. He is a very patient, informative and knowledgeable teacher. We are planning to have Sifu Brian Sutton return for ongoing Tai Chi classes."

-Dylan M.

"I started practicing Tai Chi and QiGong with Brian Sutton a few months ago. Starting with the first class I could see he is an excellent teacher and guides the students from all levels with ease. He knows how to build your skills one practice at a time. If you have any mobility/balance issues or just want to increase your leg/core strength, I recommend working with Brian twice a week."

-Zuhre E.

"I have taken Tai Chi lessons with Sifu Brian Sutton for over two years. He is both extremely knowledgeable and patient (a combination that is often hard to find). 

I have always been interested in Tai Chi but balance issues made me feel that it was not something I could expect to do well. Sifu Brian, however, has worked with me to use Tai Chi to improve my balance and coordination in addition to learning the art. What I particularly like is that he works at a pace that enables you to progress confidently. I have learned a lot and would highly recommend him."

-Donna B.​​​

"Brian is a very welcoming and patient Teacher, who makes sure the fundamentals of Tai Chi are grasped by his students. I had many years of Tai Chi experience when I joined and I've found new concepts through his teaching. A very nice club."

-David L.

Brian is a wonderful teacher! I have learned so much over the 8 months that I have been taking lessons, and I am excited to continue learning more in the future.

-Hailey G.

I have learned an incredible amount from Tai Chi Master Brian! Not just Tai Chi, but also about breathing, balance, posture, meditation and so much more…     

-Sherry S.


"I am a professional athlete. I have been advised by my

coach to add ballet or Tai Chi to my regime for increasing my flexibility and agility. To be honest, I couldn't see myself in tights, so I chose Tai Chi. Studying with Brian Sutton at Roswell Tai Chi has helped me improve my game and my life. Thanks again Brian for your dedication to making lives better."

​-Matt R.


Roswell Tai Chi

12030 Etris Road
Suite C-200
Roswell, Georgia 30075
The Dogwood Building


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