My name is Brian Sutton and I am the instructor (Sifu) at and owner of

Roswell Tai Chi  located at 102 Russell Road in Roswell, Georgia.


My Tai Chi journey began as a child after observing a group of people

practicing Tai Chi in a nearby park -- I was hooked. This lead me to

my first Tai Chi teacher; Grandmaster Y.K. Lee. He agreed to train me

in the Guang Ping 64 (the lost Yang form).

Sifu Brian Sutton and students with
Grandmaster William CC Chen at
the 2018 Roswell Tai Chi Seminar

One of my most notable and recent teachers,

Grandmaster William CC Chen, is one of the world's foremost teachers of the art of Tai Chi. Born in China, he was one of the original

students of Great Grandmaster Cheng Man-Ching.

I currently teach the Yang style 60 movement form, Guan Ping 64 form, push hands, Tai Chi sword and cane forms as well as a variety of Qigong sets. 

Students coming to our school have a variety of objectives. Some seek to improve balance, many

desire stress reduction and still others are looking

for empowerment through a self-defense program.

Roswell Tai Chi also offers corporate and business classes/events, birthday and holiday class events.


The Roswell Tai Chi School is housed in a

historic cedar-clad building located within the storied Roswell village of Mountain Park. The building was renovated as a nod to the community's former roots as a lakeside resort.

Nestled between two peaceful private lakes, the school's studios have wood floors and plentiful windows that blur the line between the indoors and the abundance of nature outside.

Students at Roswell Tai Chi relax to the hushed

sounds of a nearby waterfall while learning

the ancient art of Tai Chi and  Qigong.



1. Q. What is the difference between Tai Chi and Qigong?

      A. Speaking strictly about what Tai Chi and Qigong are: Tai Chi is

      one of the three main internal martial arts from China( Bagua and               Hsing I being the other two). Tai Chi is performed in a sequential                 pattern of movements and postures called a form. Qigong (energy               work) is broad generic term covering a wide range of exercises that            combine to cultivate Qi (life energy) throughout the body. Qigong                 movements and postures move laterally much like calisthenics.

       The Tai Chi form  progresses from beginning, middle to end, much

      like a dance routine...

2. Q. What should I wear to a Tai Chi class?


      A. In general, loose fitting clothes: pants with legs hemmed below

      the knee, comfortable t-shirts, socks or light flexible soled shoes

      seem to work for most. 

3. Q. How do I know I've found the right Tai Chi teacher?


 A.  First and foremost, does the teacher display the traits and

 characteristics that he/she instructs. For example, the teacher

 tells you to relax, but is he/she relaxed?


       Presently there is no formal world-wide credentialing for Tai Chi                   teachers. Traditionally, the lineage of one's teacher was the                          determining factor of ones knowledge of the art.


 I will share a more current method of summing up a teacher. Ask

 yourself:  is there a balance between explanation and application 

 within the instruction  you are receiving?  In general, do you feel

 better leaving the Tai Chi school  than you did when you entered it.



Private Tai Chi or Qigong class available at 8:00AM and 8:00 PM


Private Tai Chi or Qigong class available at 9:00AM and 7:00 PM 


Private Tai Chi or Qigong class available at 8:00  AM and 6:30 PM



Group all levels Tai Chi class 7:30PM. Group advanced Tai Chi form at 8:45 PM. Weapons & push hands class also available. 


Private Tai Chi/Qigong classes are full and  a waiting list is available.


Group Qigong class 12:00PM. Private Tai Chi  or Qigong class available at 3:00PM.  


No classes


"My classes with Brian Sutton at Roswell Tai Chi in the gorgeous lakeside studio are "the air that I breathe". Thank you!"

-Kathryn D.

" I am not much of a joiner and had never taken a group class before studying Tai Chi with Brian Sutton.  The peaceful camaraderie of students at Roswell Tai Chi  has become such an important part of my life. "

-J. D.

"I love the clean fresh air scent of The Roswell Tai Chi School. No more loud, stinky gym for me, this is the perfect place for someone seeking clarity in their life. Sifu Brian Sutton, has memorized the Tai Chi form in a mirror image so he makes it much easier to learn the movements by imitating what I see.

Brian is a brilliant teacher and I enjoy every class with him."

-Paulette J.


"Thank you Brian, it has been over six months since I started 

Tai Chi lessons. I wanted to write and say thanks for the help. I came to Roswell Tai Chi as my balance was getting worse and worse with age and I was falling a lot. I am happy to report that I have not fallen in over three months. I credit the lessons in Tai Chi with this improvement. The lessons helped me learn to coordinate my mind and body to move consciously. 


I was accustomed to walking at least five miles every day and with Tai Chi and the improved  balance I have been able to resume the routine.

When I started Tai Chi, I had just left a high pressure corporate position. Taking the lessons has helped me to make the transition from the corporate world to retirement.

I have learned to appreciate a less hurried lifestyle. 

-Beth L.


I am a professional athlete. I have been advised by my

coach to add ballet or Tai Chi to my regime for increasing

my flexibility and agility. To be honest, I couldn't see myself

in tights, so I chose Tai Chi. Studying with Brian Sutton at

Roswell Tai Chi has helped me improve my game and my

life. Thanks again Brian for your dedication to making lives


​-Matt R.

Tai Chi class in the beautiful lodge setting of the

Roswell Tai ChiSchool is the high point of my week. Sharing

a class with my husband has brought us closer,  increased

our energy level and overall physical health. 

-Diane C.

"Brian is an amazing teacher. The depth of his understanding

of Tai Chi and related areas was obvious after just a short time

together. Not just the form, but the history, anatomy, physiology,

martial applications and so much more. He has incredible

instincts and seems to know what I will best respond to instead

of forcing a rigid “one size fits all” approach. He makes learning

easy and enjoyable. I came to him primarily for the relaxation

and health benefits of the form, but having had some martial

arts training in the past, I look forward to going down that road

as well."

-Ed K.

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